EXPERIENCE SALE Read the Experience Agreement!

Donna and Joseph do not sell their artwork in the traditional way. To them, life is experience and they want more. So they accumulate experience like other people accumulate money. They look for knowledge, wisdom, memories, and community from the time spent with other people. They look to create long-term connections and new friends.

Thus they sell artwork for life experience. This means that a person can purchase beautiful and meaningful art from them by proposing and then having accepted a new life experience. For example, a sailing trip to a new destination or behind the scenes at a political campaign.

They feel that by documenting these experiences and placing them online, they are providing a valuable service to the world. Documenting what experience people value and associate with meaning.

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Sailing with Fred Sullivan Summer 2002
Sensual Performance Art by Heather Milburn Summer 2002
Perfume Factory with Isaac Summer 2002

Miami Trip with Isaac Thanksgiving 2002

McCall Campaign with Jacky November 2002 part 1

McCall Campaign with Jacky November 2002 part 2
Cooking Class with Jasse (missing)